Before my blog…

Here is a public post recently I shared on facebook.

I am sharing it here again … though I hoped my mother would stop her viral delusions , she was released from a mental institution and seemed to get worse.

We all have some dents in us.. I hope sharing mine will help others welcome their dents!  Welcome to A Dented Can!



I’m sure you can’t imagine what’s it’s like to have a mother like mine. When I was about 12 years old I moved out of her home and into my father’s making a decision to not speak of the things that I saw at that house ever again. Of course back in the late 80s I never imagined that my mother’s delusions would go viral.
Well they have , at first I was just trying to keep a low profile. I mean only 600 plus people all over the world just made a group trying to understand this pregnancy delusion my mother is now playing off. Wow, what a crazy wildfire of internet delusion because in a matter of a month the 600 plus strangers have turned into a group of over 700, over 11,0000 people searching my mother’s name on facebook, my whole town being on alert, 20 plus facebook msgs a day asking me about it, people I know in other states being notified because my mother’s pregnancy delusion has turned into something most people can’t imagine. Basically my worst possible nightmare is bare naked for the world to see. So much for not telling people about my deep dark secret.. this woman plastered and bashed my name all over so everyone knows she is my mother .

When I left my mother’s house back in the late 80s I was a child who didn’t understand mental illness but I watched my mother play out delusion after delusion. What always made me not like my mother was her delusions caused so many other people to suffer. Of course I didn’t even know what it meant to be a sociopath then nor did I realize how smart my mother was. For about 25 years I just stayed away from her and her lies and I always just assumed she was ill and extremely stupid.
Now to the part that you all really care about…… Last year before all of this started I reached out to my mother for the first time in 25 years to try and build some sort of mother daughter relationship that I lacked my whole life….
Within months I regretted my choice especially after I became pregnant with Ben. See what most people don’t understand is my mother is obsessed with pregnancy and children. She doesn’t like being a mother , she likes the attention you get while you’re pregnant, and the attention you get when you have a little beautiful infant. During my pregnancy I actually was around my mother a lot and I learned several things. One of the first things I learned is my mother isn’t unintelligent, second I learned she will play off mental illnesses to accomplish her goal, third she doesn’t care who she hurts, it all about her , fourth she will do anything for attention , and the most important lesson is that she will never get better.
I don’t really have much more to say on this matter but since it seems Facebook is extremely curious about this and understandably so ( this is soap opera shit) I have decided to also be open. I am thankful she is getting help right now and I wish her peace of mind that’s it. I will continue to keep my distance and hope my dirty dark secret will fade into the distance with me. Only one can hope!

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