My life has been a series of traumatic events from which I seem to always manage to make it out of. From my childhood to being an adult it has never been an easy task but this is my life and my path. I have to admit my biggest battle on my path is acceptance of what life has handed me but the sooner I bite the bullet and just accept my situation , the sooner it’s just slightly easier to keep going.  Of course no one I know likes have the choices of either eating shit or bathing in it. We all know one way leaves a bad taste in your mouth and the other one will leave you feeling like crap. Of course the age old saying is when life hands you lemons , you make lemonade. So what are you suppose to do what life hands you a big old steaming pile of stinky dog shit????

The key to surviving shit!  Accept what you are given. Then figure out what other options you have and then excuse the plan.  So we all know you can’t make lemonade out of shit but you can use the crap as fertilizer for that lemon tree. Think outside the litter box. Sometimes there is another way to cleaning up the shit then just letting it pile up in the corner. Once you have all your options. Look at the poop that you were given plus the crap you figured out on your own. Weight your options then come up with a plan. In this case eat it, bath in it or recycle it. 

Eating shit: Well that’s easy to eat shit, it the after taste that no one wants lingering around.

Bathing in it: Another easy thing to do but the smell and the mess afterwards is going to be more time consuming then you think , plus if your bathing in shit you are most likely doing that smelly crap on your own. 

Fertlizer: Not such a easy task there is a process with this choice. To make fertilizer you need more then just shit but with enough material and patience you can use the fertilizer to grow something like a lemon tree or something else.. this method will take time and more effort then the other two but the end result will be something that doesn’t even resemble shit.

So next time someone hands you a shit sandwich, don’t just pick up the ketchup and pile it on to drown out the awful taste instead think outside the box and figure out how to make lemonade out of it! 

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