Part II of How it all Began….

This last year had been an interesting, windy road to say the least. I look at the place I was at this time last year to where I am now and it takes my breath away. Last year I was sleeping on my mother’s couch, my 13-year-old son was living at his dad’s because I was technically homeless, carless, jobless, 7 months pregnant, and battling depression which was increased due the current circumstances. I had no contact with any family and me Peter were off more often than we were on. I signed myself into an outpatient center to battle my depression because daily I had to come up with reasons not to end my life. It was awful to say the least and the more I expressed my depression the worse it felt for what it seemed.

Late November last year I remember being in a graveyard during dusk and while I was laying on the cold frozen ground wondering when I should tap out, I sent Peter a text saying I truly have given up and shut my phone off and cried for hours that night right there in that spot. I felt  tired , alone, cold, and pregnant. I’m still not sure how I kept going but daily I figured it out, one day at a time. Less than a month before I had Ben , Peter made some better choices and got us a place together. Thankfully my 13-year-old son moved home right before Christmas and a few days later I had Ben. Things continued on an up swing for the first few weeks of the year, well okay they really didn’t go on an up swing. Pete continue to make some poor choices that he was no longer living with us, I was battling with DCF due to my mother’s accusations, I was going to therapy, and having people monitor my every move, I was still battling depression and anxiety, I was a new mom the list could go on. The difference to me was I had my kids home and even though we had very little if nothing. My two boys seem to give me this strength that I lost the year before during my pregnancy. With this strength came this determination to clear everything up for these boys. It was even more important for me to show my 13 year old that no matter what obstacles you had in your way, you could over come them with enough determination. By the beginning of March I had DCF closed and I was being praised by all these professionals about how I conducted myself, I had a job, my mother was as far out of my life as possible, and for the first time the dark clouds in the sky started brightening up.

If I expected my summer to be thunderstorm free I would be nuts, right… Springs seem to bring on a new beast in my mother’s delusions . I woke up one morning and looked on my Facebook to find over 15 email’s all having the same question on all of them…….. They all wanted to know was my mother 65 years old and pregnant!! I read the first email and already knew what the other 14 were about and in a matter of 24 hours I realized my mother’s current delusion had gone viral. Never even understanding what that really meant until about a month later when I realized my mother seriously was faking a pregnancy, stuffing her belly, posting fake pictures or other people pictures on Facebook pretending to be pregnant. I also started realizing what it meant to go viral woman all over the world were now invested in my mother’s story. Stories in several countries wrote about her and her reversing menopause, woman who never met her sticking up for her. Of course like I posted in other blogs this got out of control extremely fast.

I hope now that her delusion finally came to an end and she faked her 10th stillbirth  ( fucking disgusting might I add) that all you guys following her delete and block her.  Stop being interested in her because if you do the ugliness of this delusion will end. No she won’t be cured and there will be many more awful things she will try to manipulate but she will lose her following which is all she really wanted from you guys anyway ….isn’t it obvious that all she wanted was an audience to buy some book that she claimed she reversed menopause in. Well maybe…..
Who actually really knows what goes on in her head but let me tell you guys the real truth about this woman who has caused such a craziness of interest.  She is an older, homeless, poor, lady who walks the streets of my city. From a far she looks like a bag lady, up close its clear from her sunken eyes and her demeanor she is ill. You only need to have one conversation with her to know she isn’t all there. She isn’t sophisticated or classy but instead she looks and smells homeless and pretty much is. Most times you can find her walking across the Portland bridge with a shopping cart ,looking like most homeless people you find in my town. She has access to the Internet at the public library and on a phone only if she has WiFi. She isn’t someone who is to be looked up to or cherished or even to follow on Facebook. I know everything I’m saying is mean but it’s true. Hopefully now that you all know the real truth behind this crazy woman you won’t give her anymore attention.

Well that’s all for today,


If you guys have any questions send me an email or even post it below and I’ll be happy to address it in a up coming blog.

One thought on “Part II of How it all Began….

  1. So true Heather- isn’t it funny that most people are so intrigued with the way she acts. But yet no one cares about the way you feel or what you have to say. I myself have been disgusted by all the gossip I have heard ‘about her’. My thought has been ‘leave her alone’. Yet noone is here commenting. Be strong. Sounds like you and your family are off in the right direction.


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