Today is one of those days you know the kind that brings all sorts of emotions; shame ,embarrassment, sadness, worriedness, fear, and like always anxiety. Of course I caused it by stalking my mother’s Facebook account just to find she is beginning one of her new schemes/ delusions. Like always I want to hide inside my skin and die from the shame of her and I sharing the same DNA. It baffles me that I am so selfless and she is so selfish that she was able to produce me from her twisted self. Yet she did and here I am.
Her latest scheme is like most,  a good way of attracting people who are in need of help. To my mother these are easy victims.

So I first looked at this and saw she was providing money to people who need funds to start a home based business. I know my mother has never done anything ever for anyone that didn’t benefit her. So of course seeing this post sent concern thrusting throughout my body. What could my mother be up to now? Is she really trying to turn over a new leaf for the first time in 38 years? …. ( I’m a funny girl)

Instantly I posted a warning in my group Dented Cans to stay away, unfriend, not to follow my mother’s profile. Knowing in my heart that most people aren’t going to listen but instead I’m just raising their curiosity about this woman. Of course there is an interest in following her page, even if it’s for safety reasons but she is trying to use her following to scam people.  Again I want to hide in my skin or erase my DNA but I can’t do either.

Under my post in Dented Cans another person posted this from my mother’s foundation.

There it was in the description… ” This is not a handout but a hand up. ” . My mother is going to find a way to gain off of this?  Who knows what she is planning but what I do know it’s going to be something completely out of this world delusional.

I really truly hope everyone that reads this helps spread the word:


I’m going to try to keep an eye on my mom from a distance for all of us, I will post any concerns here in my blog to help warn the public of this woman but I need your help too. So help me in spreading the warning and help me by not encouraging her. In return I will keep anyone that wants to follow my blog updated on all the drama. Oh yeah and I’m writing a book for the super curious followers.

Till another day,


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