I think we all can admit no matter what political side you’re on there has been a great deal of bullshit in this country over the last few years. There has been mass shootings, bombings, we are dealing with major race issues, as well as sexuality issues and the list could go on. If you turn on the TV all you see is crazy stuff happening and no matter what you believe , what political side you stand on the facts remain ………. THIS COUNTRY IS IN major TROUBLE!!!!! I watch friends on Facebook take a side……Clinton or Trump, black lives or blue lives, even to stand or kneel issues but what I’m not finding on Facebook or other places is the majority of Americans that aren’t on a side. As an American I live in the land of the free right? But do we? 

I can’t help but wonder what happens come the new year and the new presidency? Let’s all be honest we are in South Park episode …… Do we choose the Douche or the Turd sandwich? If the Douche wins will we stop all the hatred? If the Turd sandwich wins will we find a solution to what’s happening with American lives Black or Blue? What I do know is none of us can predict what’s going to happen but we can take more of a stand against the hate! 

What we need to see is Americans standing strong and together no matter what idiot is about to become our new president. Even if you’re for the douche bag or the turd sandwich at some point we need to stop looking at each other with so much hate. Stop judging your friend based on which side they are on whether they are kneeling or standing, if they are voting Trump or Hillary, if the agree with black lives or blue lives. See the problem is we take a side and we decide that if you are taking a different side you are wrong or bad but the truth is all you are doing is feeding into the hate.

Take it from me I come from a world of hate and all it does is ruin and breakdown any foundation you have. So today lets all take a moment and do something that will fight against the hate in this country. Stand up against choosing a side and realize we all matter! Show some love to a Hillary fan if your a Trump fan and vise versa. If you are protesting black violence bring an officer in blue something for all their hardworking. Just simply take a moment and take someone out of what ever category you put them in today and show them some love. Whatever you do take some time to show your fellow human that not everything is ugly  and evil and today lets stand together and stop all the nasty hate. The only one solution that heals hate ……. LOVE!!!!!!

So I will end my current rant with this. From my house to your house whether you are black, blue, red , purple, green or yellow. Whether you agree with Trump or Hillary. I love you all for the support you have shown me and the courage you all have given me and most of all for the love you have taught me. Let’s all show some love for our human race and stop the hate! 

A Dented Can

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