My path

Have you ever come to the end of a road and just thought Damn! You know the road that had such beautiful rose bushes and a blissful breeze that smelled like heaven in the beginning. Then you come to your first hill that didn’t seem to tough to climb, somehow on your way up that hill you lose your footing and slip but everything is so pretty you brush it off! Miles pass there are beautiful sights all around like mountains in the distant, deer playing peacefully in fields near by , birds chirping songs that you start to sing along with…….. as you are singing the path seems to change without you noticing but at some point you realize you are having a hard time singing because you need to catch your breath. You stop and look around. Now you are on a ledge of a cliff with only darkness around, night is falling and you aren’t safe. With all your strength you get to the top of that cliff with all your blood , sweat , tears you climb to the top and you look out and see all the dangers you missed below. When daylight comes you see how far you traveled down this not so beautiful but dangerous path. After miles of mud and pricker bushes you come to your clearing. Well I’m finally at the end of that road…. now where will my travels takes me?

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